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The Maine Telemark Festival will take place on Saturday, February 2, 2013 at Mt. Abram!

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Telemarkeast talk forum

Hi to all you supporters of the Jay Peak telefest last weekend.  I've never skied before, was interested in learning tele so decided to make the long drive to Jay.  The seemingly endless 4 hours in the car was completely worth it.  Everyone helping out at the event was awesome.  The volunteers from netelemark were professional and first class...I took clinics with Ron and Mary (hubby and wife dynamic duo) who were both spectacular.  The EMS guys, an employee from the Burlington, VT store (can't remember his name...he was taking care of the boots) and Mike from North Conway, were exceptionally helpful and friendly.  As was everyone else with whom I had contact.
Many thanks for all the hard work!  You've won a new free-heel addict.  =)

Last weekend at J was great!!! I took a clinic with Mickey and now, not only do I tele better, but got the summer cobwebs out of my skiing in record time. He saved me a lot of bad turns! thanks and will be looking to start the next season off the same way.

-tt perkins

Thanks for a great New Hampshire festival.. With Jean's great instruction that included to pretend I was wearing a short skirt, corking wine and pouring wine, plus a days worth of practice and I now consider myself to be the second best telemarker ever!
Thanks for the memories and great instruction Jean!


Biff and Matt, Once again the whole festival was fantastic. We really enjoyed both days. Thanks for all your energy and effort to pull this off. On the specific side-my clinics with Paul Smith were excellent. The circle ski and shadowing a buddy really got the whole group talking and giving each other great feadback. i was glad to be a part of it.

-Erik Janick

Thank you for running another awesome telefest. I've been to a bunch of em and always have a great time.

-Matt Burgess

Had a blast. 1st time telemarker and now I'm hooked.


Man the slopestyle and halfpipe comp was fantastic! What a great bunch of athletes. I had no idea telemarkers could do what those guys were doing. Keep it happening!

-John Skillins