Missing from pictures are instructors Grant Braddish, Anthony Schmidt, Chris Duff and Dave Buchanan.



Chake, Linda and Susan

NET Directors

Biff Higgison

Matt DiBenedetto

Ski School Director

James Tasse

Educational Staff

John Tidd (PSIA level 3, Examiner)

Mickey Stone (PSIA level 3, Examiner)

Jim Tasse (PSIA level 3, Examiner)

Shannon Belt (PSIA level 3, Examiner)

Ginny Prince (PSIA level 3, former Examiner)

Biff Higgison (PSIA level 3)

Jeff Lea (PSIA Level 3)









'...Higgison has added an aura of professionalism to the longstanding telemark promotions which have made him among New Englands most notable free-heel artists.'

-New England Ski Journal, January, 2002


'New England Telemark Co-director, Matt DiBenedetto, is one of those skiers who stands out on the snow. The North Conway skier and former Wildcat ski school assistant director makes the bended knee turns look easy..'

-The Conway Daily Sun, January 19, 2002


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