Paul Smith





"It's a master clinic Paul. Work em hard but don't kill em."


NET position

NET educational staff member. Paul along with John Tidd and Ginny Prince have been a tremendous help in training and honing our instructor's teaching and skiing skills. NET owes much of it's reputation as a top telemark ski school to our dedicated educational staff members.



PSIA Level 3, Examiner.


Paul states that he owes a "debt of gratitude" to John Tidd and Dick Hall for creating all the excitement about Tele skiing back in "88.
Certified in alpine, track/skate, & Tele.  Nordic Ed Staff since '89.
Interests - "Do what you what you do".  Now in semi-retirement... Paul works as a Marine Patrol Officer summers on Lake George, NY.  Winters are spent at Gore Mtn., NET & PSIA clinics, or just sking in the BC.   Spring and fall Paul works as a consultant for the food service industry and travels with Pat to visit married kids in NC and Colo. or just to "wander". The wandering,skiing, riding, and fishing occupy much of Paul's time in the western US.
The "barn" & cellar are full of toys.  All kinds of cycles, (some with motors), fishin stuff, huntin stuff, paddlin stuff, & other the "90 Miata and tools to fix all the "stuff !
Motto:  Good / Better / Best.....never let it rest...till your good is better and your better is best !....Why ?  Because.... when your "green" you are growing and when you are "ripe" you are rotting !