Ron Lessard


Ron at work

Skinning in the Wallalas

Mary, Sebastien, Bob, Robin and Wildcat.

Ron and Zeb


NET position

Full Instructor

Founding member of NET


PSIA Level 11

Telemark skiing

Backcountry skiing

Teaching telemark

Rube Goldberg Engineering




Ron's all time favorite ski buddy is his wife, Mary, to whom he always offers first tracks cuz he loves her so much. This year Ron is tickled pink to be skiing with his four year old son Zeb but fears that soon the little dude will be stealing any first tracks that Mary has not already taken.

Ron's proudest moment was when Zeb, sitting on the ski trail and looking longingly into the woods declared, "I want to ski in the trees."


Skis are Stockli Stormrider XL mounted with 22 Designs HammerHeads. Boots are Scarpa T2X.

Ron and Mary

Just wanted to let you all know, we had a great time @ the Festivasl @ Sunday River!
Ron Lessard ran our afternoon session for Cross over Alpine skiers & it was great!
Great basics, fundamentals, explained & demonstrated in a relaxed yet professional environment.  I've been alpine skiing, nordic skiing & snowboarding most of my life, yet to learn something new in is the greatest. 
My compliments to Ron!
All the best,
Peter Kermond
Hanover, NH



Hi to all you supporters of the Jay Peak telefest last weekend. I've never skied before, was interested in learning tele so decided to make the long drive to Jay. The seemingly endless 4 hours in the car was completely worth it. Everyone helping out at the event was awesome. The volunteers from netelemark were professional and first class...I took clinics with Ron and Mary (hubby and wife dynamic duo) who were both spectacular. The EMS guys, an employee from the Burlington, VT store (can't remember his name...he was taking care of the boots) and Mike from North Conway, were exceptionally helpful and friendly. As was everyone else with whom I had contact.

Many thanks for all the hard work! You've won a new free-heel addict. =)



Hi my name's Patrick Kermond, I was just up at the Sunday River fest, and also went to the one at Wildcat, I just wanted to let you know that I did a clinic in the afternoon at Sunday river with Ron, and just wanted to let you know how awesome it was. It was the crossover clinic, and Ron did such a good job and I feel like he was able to get me over that edge in terms of really finally getting it. Ron was very enthusiastic and was really able to get everyone excited and also taught us a ton. You guys put on a really fun event, and I've learned a lot and now really have the bug!

Just wanted to let you know, and I may try to make it to the Gunstock Fest


Patrick Kermond