February 4, 2017
Mt. Abram!















• FREE ADMISSION- When you get to the mountain go to the Abram ticket booth and buy the regular one day lift ticket. Then come on over to the festival tent and register for the fest and clinics. Then, if you want to try demos, head over to the rep tents.

• Demos- Many of the telemark companies will be represented and you will have a chance to demo the newest gear for free! If you need gear for the day Abram does not rent Telemark skis or boots. Demo gear can only go out for an hour so if you need gear you may want to plan ahead. Rentals are available from Allspeed in Portland and the Green Machine in Norway

Sponsors -At the heart of every great organization there must be a dedicated group of people. Along with our instructors and volunteers are our sponsors. Where would we be without them? They help us out financially but more than that, many of them are right there at the festivals with us, giving the public a chance to try out all the newest and best telemark gear. All our thanks to, Black Diamond, Allspeed, Bath Cycle and Ski, TheGreenMachine, Telemarkskier Magazine, and TwentyTwo Design for their support. And of course, our beer sponsor, Gritty's.

• Lessons - NET is a volunteer member ski school and all of our instructors are members of PSIA. All are highly trained and motivated. We want our clinics to be fun most of all but to hopefully give you a chance to improve your skiing in an enjoyable, free spirited atmosphere. All clinics are 1 hour long and are free. There is no special festival ticket, a regular Abram lift ticket gives you access to the fest... just sign in at the registration table. Clinic times for this festival will be at 10:30 and again at 1:30.


• Events

•USTSA Downhill race. This will be big! And, yes, there will be a race for the public on festival day. More details as they come in.


Due to the amount of time being put into building the course Mt. Abram will be charging an additional $10 to enter the race.

The top prize for the Citizens (festival prticipants) is a pair of 22 Design NTN Outlaws!!


"Biff and NET Crew,

We are looking forward to Racing at the Maine Telemark Festival. We love what you guys have brought to the sport of Telemark Skiing all these years.

We raced at West Mountain in Queenbury, NY this past Saturday with USTSA. Maine was well represented. The course and conditions were amazinging awesome and firstimers were enveloped into the Telemark Nation...the well represented Citizens class had good times and cannot wait to race again .

We encourage all Telemark Skiers to participate in the Races. We have found the the Citizens class to have representation with curiosity, interest, challege, and numbers...totally inclusive!!!"

-Mike Foote and Linda Pilliod


• Party - TheWhitegrass Bluegrass Festival takes place all day in the lodge.

• Tickets - There is no special festival ticket needed... just a regular Mt. Abram lift ticket. When you register for the fest you will get a free beer ticket courtesy of Grittys (If you are 21 or over of course) !

The Maine Telemark Festival is brought to you by all of our sponsors, Mt Abram


New England Telemark.