Wildcat Mountain

March 6 & 7, 2004





The main lodge



A few of the costumes


Biff's backfoot clinic..




Benoit, in the lead for the all Mountain Championship.

The Date Downey raffle winner (you had to be there)




Karhu and 22 Design (Hammerhead binding)


NET ladies.


Lisa, leader in the All Mountain Championship.



Yep...a two piece lurk.


Murph's clinic.


Race start.





Robin's women's clinic.


Ron's bump clinic


Ron's bump clinic.

Some of the desk crew.


Sumo Man in the climb.



Sumo man


Catching rays. Peacefully.


John Tidd











I really would like to thank you for all the hard work you and the rest of the NET team put in to the festival. It was my first, and I had an amazing time. The lesson you gave on Saturday really helped me weight that back foot, and the pointers I got from Mary on Sunday nicely complemented that with work on my tele stance. By the end of the day, I was really ripping it up and having a blast. I can't wait for the next one! (I've already mounted the Cobras I won in the raffle...)



What a great time! I went up with my brother yesterday. We got to try out all this awsome equipment; I had a teleboarding lesson. Thanks everyone.



Once again, those that listened to National Weather did not choose wisely!
Sure, we skied in the rain in the morning but isn't that what Goretex is for? Plus, it really turned the conditions into "hero snow" by the time the sun came out Saturday afternoon!

Abundant sunshine and temps around 40 for Sunday surely didn't hurt anyones feelings as we got to sample and work on skiing more "familiar" Eastern skiing conditions.
The seminars were really great and the instructors were really wonderful. I finally had a PSIA instructor not only help me with raising my stance but also gave me practical examples of the dynamics of the entire concept rather than just saying "ski higher". (Thanks John!) Some really great drills got me into my turns earlier than ever before and now I can look forward to practicing when conditions permit.
My brain was full by lunch on Sunday and I chose to play in my familiar low style in all the sugar on the sides of the trails, a favorite past-time.
It was my buddy Brads fourth day on telemark and he is now hopelessly hooked. He couldn't say enough about the wonderful instructors and participants and I couldn't believe how much his skiing had progressed by the end of the weekend.
Thanks Biff, Matt and to all of the NET crew that makes it not just a party, but a festival! Of course winning a nice Rossignol Chair pack for me (from the Telemarktips sign in) and a Wild Things wind shirt for Caro (did you see the huge smile on her face?) didn't hurt either! Thanks to all the sponsors!


Kudos to all the New England Telemark gang, especially Biff and Matt, that pulled this event off despite the rain. Hey, the conditions, post-rain, were great!! Can't wait for the next one!!


...Hab Sauz


We have been to every fest you guys have thrown for the past three years and you should really be proud of the job you do. Your clinics are by far the best we have taken in New England and your instructors are great. My wife took a clinic from Robin (I forgot her last name) and can't stop raving about her. The women's clinics are a super idea. And thanks for that huge raffle. I won a pair of poles AND a vest and my wife won the cobra bindings. You will be seeing us at the Stowe event. Cheers!


.....Jeff and Susan


Three cheers to NET and all the instructors. You guys have had some rotten luck with the weather this year and yet every festival I have been to had a great turnout and was a ton of fun. Keep it up.